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Facebook Advertising

We add rocket fuel to your business by using Facebook ads to drive sales your way.


Generating Business Leads, Sales, and Revenue

Inspired Blue Media isn’t for everyone. We are very selective on which clients we take on. In order for you to work with us your need to have your Goals, Content, and Targeting. We can help you figure this out if you are unsure of what these things are. Inspired Blue Media specializes in Facebook Advertising. We use Marketing Strategies to get the the biggest impact with the least amount of money. Facebook Sales Funnels are one of the many tactics we use to produce results for our clients. We also work with Personal Brands to help them grow their following and expand their Influence in the community.

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A Few Things We’re Great At

Create A Powerful Funnel

An intentionally constructed funnel can create massive sales.

Facebook Advertising

Using Facebook to Generate more Leads, Sales, and Revenue.

Engaging Your Audience

We help you create effective content to engage your audience. 

Brand Awareness

Get people to know and remember you.


How I Helped Raise $3,000 While Only Spending $3.50 on Facebook Ads

Dollar a Day Success
After promoting a powerful one-minute video using Facebook ads for 3 days, It effectively reached 12,000 people, was shared 100 times, had 358 likes, shares and comments, 133 link clicks, and best of all, raised around 3,000 dollars for my family friend Peggy Lawrence.

How much did this cost me?

Dollar a Day Success
Peggy Lawrence has been fighting Multiple Sclerosis for 22 years now and without a stem cell transplant, within a 2-year window, will be immobile. In an effort to assist her in raising funds for this transplant, I helped her create 3 WHY videos, one of Peggy telling her own story, and two testimonials which her two sisters spoke in.

One of these videos effectively captured the audience’s emotion and led to the viral post above. The views and engagements enticed 133 link clicks which ultimately lead to the raising of 3,000 dollars for my friend Peggy.

So how did this happen?

Dennis Yu, CTO of BlitzMetrics, coined the Facebook Dollar a Day strategy which really helps this post go viral.I wanted to know why exactly the strategy works so well, so I asked Dennis myself.

He said that the Dollar a Day strategy, in conjunction with good content and the right targeting, encourages “engagement on a post that promotes high relevance score and drives more reach”

Facebook wants a good experience for its users, so if a post is doing well, Facebook will help the post spread more organically. How does Facebook rate these posts? A beautiful rating system called relevance score.

“The Relevance Score is a magic number. It’s a score from 1-10 that, at first sight, will let you know how relevant an ad is to its audience” –Massimo Chieruzzi

If Relevance Score is a fire and content is the wood, the Facebook dollar a day strategy helps you determine whether to smother it, or feed it. In Peggy’s case, the video had a relevance score of 9, so we fed it.

Dollar a Day Success

Another great way to know if your post is performing well is to refer to Logan Young’s Standards of Excellence. Your video fits the Standards of Excellence if 50% of the people that watch your video watch it for 3 seconds, and 50% of the people who watch it for 3 seconds, continue to watch it for 10 seconds. The video had a massive amount of 3-second video views (far greater than 50% of the reach), but the 10 second views didn’t quite make it to 50%. This doesn’t mean smother it though, the stats are still good, they just aren’t fantastic!

Dollar a Day success

Peggy has come a long way since we boosted her video a few weeks ago. After the initial 3,000 dollars’ worth of donations, she has raised an additional 10,000 dollars for her stem cell transplant! This is a powerful testament to the effectiveness of the Dollar a Day strategy when applied to a good piece of content, and how I raised $3,000 while only spending $3.50 on Facebook ad’s.


$1 a day technique 


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How I Helped Raise $3,000 While Only Spending $3.50 on Facebook Ads

After promoting a powerful one-minute video using Facebook ads for 3 days, It effectively reached 12,000 people, was shared 100 times, had 358 likes, shares and comments, 133 link clicks,[…]

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Jeremy has wisdom beyond his years.

And it manifests through his care of others, his steely resolve to get stuff done as an entrepreneur and his amazing success at such an early age. We need more Jeremy’s in this world who care more about meaning than money.

Logan Young

BlitzMetrics | Co-Founder 

I hired Inspired Blue Media to help us promote our company through social media. They came highly recommended from other business professionals that I consider to be elite in their fields. Though I was confident in their ability- I had NO idea how much he could help us take it to the next level. I am amazed at the amount of activity that we are getting that has and is turning into legitimate business. More than paying for his services.
These guy’s are pro’s!

Scott Veerkamp 


I’ve been working with various marketing people and companies for many years, and learned a lot about what to do and not do a social media – after attending many workshops, didn’t learn anything new or different. Then along came Jeremy. His energy and passion are outstanding and next to none. He is the real deal, genuinely one of the most authentic people who is curious to know and appreciate each person he meets. This comes through loud and clear in his approach to social media and digital marketing. He draws a crowd – whether in person or online – because he has the kind of energy and passion people want to be around. He inspires me daily. I have been incredibly blessed to work with Jeremy and the JR Miller Group.

Carla Taylor

Founder of IDEAvize

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