Collaboration with the team members to understand and specifically identify relevent tools, strategies, and small goals to accomplish the big goals and vision.

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Inspired Blue Media is a dedicated marketing agency located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our team represents a group of individuals specializing in brand authority development and brand storytelling, content marketing, video production, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising.

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We are driven by results, growth, and data. The most successful marketers are the ones constantly testing the responses to their marketing campaigns and efforts. Testing results in gradual improvements over sustained periods of time which then drives better campaigns with tighter focus and improved response rates.

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The benefits of Digital Marketing

Inspired Blue Media focuses on amplifying captivating, vision-based digital media assets for companies.

We empower our clients to share their company mission and story through social media and communications planning, campaign management, campaign amplification, digital pluming, and strategic planning.

We help our clients get better returns on their dollars with advertising  by working smarter and not harder.



Since 2010, advertising on Facebook has grown more than


To put it simply the reason for this growth is because Facebook advertising works. Facebook advertising allows marketers target highly specific audiences, reach millions of daily active users, master mobile advertising, and create more online and offline conversions. With the right knowledge and resources, Facebook Advertising can be an extremely profitable form of digital marketing. Inspired Blue Media can help you see real results from your campaign.

Two commonly asked questions:

"Effective marketing is about getting your customers to speak for you."

- Dennis Yu