Month: July 2017

Empowering the world with Marketing tactics

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How I Helped Raise $3,000 While Only Spending $3.50 on Facebook Ads

After promoting a powerful one-minute video using Facebook ads for 3 days, It effectively reached 12,000 people, was shared 100 times, had 358 likes, shares and comments, 133 link clicks, and best of all, raised around 3,000 dollars for my family friend Peggy Lawrence. How much did this cost me? $3.50 Peggy Lawrence has been…
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You Must Do This Before You Start Facebook Advertising

We don’t want you to waste your time. If we are going to work with you, we want to get started immediately, and we can’t do that if you do not have your goals laid out, your content created, and your targeting figured out. You can waste a whole lot of money by advertising without…
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So you want to become a digital marketer?

I will tell you what I have done wrong which lead me to many pains and losing lots of money. I will tell you what my mentors told me to do which ended up me helping a lot of people and making a lot of money. Start with Why. Why do you want to become…
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