How Small Businesses Can Grow in an Amazon World

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How Small Businesses Can Grow in an Amazon World

I think mass big box store closings scare people, and make them realize how many jobs are being lost. With companies like Amazon taking over many sectors in many different industries, it’s important for people not to forget the importance of small and medium size businesses. According to U.S. Small Business Administration, in 2017 47.8% of United States Employees are employed by a small business. 

So what can small businesses do for growth and sustainability? Small businesses must understand three important things:
– Local online advertising 
– Convenience (Online)
– Branding 

Small businesses need to learn how to utilize local online advertising, like Facebook advertising. Using Facebook advertising effectively, small businesses can create videos and target them to their customers by customer demographics and customer behaviors. The incredible targeting capabilities on Facebook allows small businesses to still find the results that they seek for with small budgets. 
Small businesses need to invest in a good user experience on their websites, so that customers can easily find information and buy their products online with little to no hassle.
People like to know what a business stands for. Small businesses need to invest in creating videos in order to get their story, messaging, “WHY”, and purpose out to their local community. 

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