Is Your Business Using Data To Your Advantage?

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Is Your Business Using Data To Your Advantage?

Most companies do not spend very much time, energy, or money into strategically laying out all their advertising and marketing funnels and plans. They often not have a single individual or team that prioritize buyer personasmarketing funnels, and data analysis. The company may have a social media manager who posts their content but are they just posting content. Marketing is about measuring, strategizing, re-strategizing, analyzing, studying, and testing. A business cannot measure their marketing and advertising efforts without studying their analytics and metrics.

A metric is a quantifiable measure that is used to track and analyze the status of a specific business strategy or process.

Each social media platform has built in metrics and data tracking systems to help a business or individual track their marketing or advertising efforts. Facebook is one of the better social media platforms that allows a business or individual to have a very clear process to track their advertising efforts. Facebook has comprehensive and detailed metrics to analyze the quality and performance of content and campaigns.

Marketing and Advertising metrics are measurable values used by marketing professionals to display the overall performance of social media accounts, performance, campaigns, lead nurturing, etc.

In order to effectively use data to improve your marketing and advertising efforts, you need to make sure that you have the right tools in place and the right person analyzing your data.  Without someone knowing how to correctly use tools the tools, data will just be a collection of random numbers.

Plus, using data to measure the performance and quality of your content gives you insight into what content turns readers into paying customers. You can use tools like Google Adwords’ keyword planner to find relevant keywords that people search the most to come up with your next blog post idea. The ability to thoroughly analyze data collected through the tools you use for marketing is an approach not many marketers have discovered. When a marketer invest time into analyzing data they can find new opportunities to put money in more effective distribution channels. If you are spending $500/month on Facebook advertising and yielding incredible results but you are spending the same amount of money each month on Twitter advertising with no results, you should probably be putting your combined budgets on Facebook. You would not know this unless you had an experienced  marketer who understood Facebook and Twitter metrics to provide you a thorough report on how your distribution channels are performing.

81 tools to use for social media: 

A quick helpful takeaway that can change how you use Facebook forever:

In a recent Buffer podcast, Jay Baer talks about an incredible Facebook algorithm tip that everyone needs to know.

The Facebook algorithm will hide low quality content and will organically promote high quality content. Facebook measures the quality of the content or post based on how well the post performs. If Facebook sees that a Facebook page is consistently sending out low performing content with little to no engagement then Facebook will make an effort to begin to hide the posts coming from that page on peoples feeds. If Facebook notices that a post is performing well with interactions, engagement, and activity then Facebook will send the post to the top of everyone’s feed. Facebook does this because they want their users to not be annoyed with low quality content on their Facebook feed. It makes sense from a UX perspective that Facebook would allow low performing content to be slipped through everyone’s feed.

If you follow me on Facebook you may notice that every now and then I will comment a random emoji on my older Facebook posts. I do this because each time I do that Facebook sees that there is “activity” on my post and they will send that post to the top of all my followers’ feed.

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