Power Hour Jeremy Miller

Empowering the world with Marketing tactics

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In the Power Hour we will…

  • Look at your business objectives then assess how your online presence is currently set up
  • Analyze your site and social media user experience
  • Dive into your content library and determine direction for content
  • Go through a competitive analysis to determine which content is and is not working for your competitor
  • Analyze your brand’s messaging and make sure it is aligned with your business objectives
  • Look at how your ads are performing
Jeremy Miller

Relevant content is king on social media. If your content is not relevant to your audience then your audience will not click through your ads. With everything consistently changing in digital marketing you want to make sure your brand’s messaging is consistent through your content.  If you don’t have consistent, relevant, and value-adding content then you could be wasting money on advertising.

A recent survey asked 600 marketing professionals what they thought were the most important digital marketing trends for 2015. Content marketing was the number one answer with 29.6% – ahead of other hot topics like big data (14.6%), marketing automation (12.8%), mobile marketing (11.0%), and social media marketing (8.9%).

With a Power Hour Jeremy Miller will help you define a clear understanding on the type of content that works for your brand and your objectives.

Before the Power Hour, Jeremy will need access to your content library and access to your Facebook business manager. This will give Jeremy the ability to do an “audit” on your content before the Power Hour.

Even if a marketer understands how important their content is… they do not have a clear direction. For $150 you can have the clear direction for your content which will help you save thousands of dollars in the future in throwing ad spend on poor content.

What others have to say


Lance Greenberg -- Logika-USA

It's very rare that you meet someone as versatile, talented and humble as Jeremy Miller. I have had the pleasure of seeing him work with local entrepreneurs, business owners, and my own colleagues here in Indianapolis and all over. You cannot have a conversation with him without learning something. He is always looking for the silver lining and he is a social media marketing expert. I highly recommend Jeremy Miller.


Carla Taylor -- IDEAvize

I've been working with various marketing people and companies for many years, and learned a lot about what to do and not do an social media - after attending many workshops, didn't learn anything new or different. Then along came Jeremy. His energy and passion are outstanding and next to none. He is the real deal, genuinely one of the most authentic people who is curious to know and appreciate each person he meets. This comes through loud and clear in his approach to social media and digital marketing. He draws a crowd - whether in person or online - because he has the kind of energy and passion people want to be around. He inspires me daily. I have been incredibly blessed to work with Jeremy and the JR Miller Group.


Scott Veercamp -- My Agent Café

I hired Jeremy to help us promote our company through social media. He came highly recommended from other business professionals that I consider to be elite in their fields. Though I was confident in his ability- I had NO idea how much he could help us take it to the next level. I am amazed at the amount of activity that we are getting that has and is turning into legitimate business. More than paying for his services. This guy is a pro. Thanks Jeremy


Kenton Yohey -- The Christian Phonebook

Jeremy is one of the most hardworking and ambitious young entrepreneurs I have ever worked with. Jeremy truly works with diligence, integrity, and honesty. He is a marketing genius.


Dennis Yu -- Chief Technology Officer, BlitzMetrics

Jeremy is years ahead of his peers- an ethical entrepreneur who creates meaning over money, a relentless doer and giver. I'm honored to be able to work with him.