Should you doing your own Facebook advertising?

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Should you doing your own Facebook advertising?

I was going to title this blog, “If you are not using Facebook ads then you are missing out”. I then realized that that may not be true for every single business, industry, and market. If your targeted audience is not on Facebook then you may not want to use Facebook advertising, however, there are 1.5B monthly active Facebook users.

I only write this article to strongly encourage you to actually give Facebook advertising a strategic attempt and see what could come out of it. If you have clicked the blue “boost post” button on your Facebook posts please understand you have not given Facebook advertising a strategic attempt. I do not mean spend $500 on Facebook ads in one month either. Dennis Yu, CTO of Blitzmetrics, talks about a very powerful Facebook advertising strategy he calls “Dollar A Day Strategy”. This is where a Facebook manager or advertiser will begin by spending $1/day on an ad.

Before you decide to spend time, money, energy, or resources on something like Facebook advertising, you should spend a good amount of time researching it. If you do not have enough time to research it then you hire someone who has already done the research. You want to be really confident in your Facebook advertising abilities before you run ads for yourself. I believe there is an art to creating, producing, and running successful ad campaigns. There are many factors that go into the ad creation. The objective, retargeting sequences, bid amounts, optimizations for ad deliveries, delivery types, copy-writing, thumbnails, offers, detailed targeting, custom audiences, exclusions, combinations, placements, budgets, schedules, formats, and CTA’s are all important factors that go into the creation of an ad campaign. After the creation of the ad the manager needs to understand how to analyze metrics and data enough to be able to optimize the ad to create results. In conclusion don’t throw money at a Facebook ad. Learning how to use re-targeting effectively can be one of the most important advertising tactics that you could use. Retargeting on Facebook generally has the highest return on ad spend. Spend some time researching how to create effective ad campaigns or hire someone who has not only done that research but has had actual success in Facebook advertising.

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