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Jeremy has wisdom beyond his years. And it manifests through his care of others, his steely resolve to get stuff done as an entrepreneur and his amazing success at such an early age. We need more Jeremy's in this world who care more about meaning than money.

- Logan Young (BlitzMetrics.com)


I hired Jeremy to help us promote our company through social media. He came highly recommended from other business professionals that I consider to be elite in their fields. Though I was confident in his ability- I had NO idea how much he could help us take it to the next level. I am amazed at the amount of activity that we are getting that has and is turning into legitimate business. More than paying for his services.
This guy is a pro. Thanks Jeremy

- Scott Veerkamp (http://MyagentCafe.com)


It's very rare that you meet someone as versatile, talented and humble as Jeremy Miller. I have had the pleasure of seeing him work with local entrepreneurs, business owners, and my own colleagues here in Indianapolis and all over. You cannot have a conversation with him without learning something. He is always looking for the silver lining and he is a social media marketing expert. I highly recommend Jeremy Miller.

- Lance Greenberg (logika-usa.com)


I've been working with various marketing people and companies for many years, and learned a lot about what to do and not do a social media - after attending many workshops, didn't learn anything new or different. Then along came Jeremy. His energy and passion are outstanding and next to none. He is the real deal, genuinely one of the most authentic people who is curious to know and appreciate each person he meets. This comes through loud and clear in his approach to social media and digital marketing. He draws a crowd - whether in person or online - because he has the kind of energy and passion people want to be around. He inspires me daily. I have been incredibly blessed to work with Jeremy and the JR Miller Group.

- Carla Taylor (https://www.ideavize.space/)


Jeremy is years ahead of his peers- an ethical entrepreneur who creates meaning over money, a relentless doer and giver. I'm honored to be able to work with him.

- Dennis Yu (https://www.dennis-yu.com)

I met Jeremy about 6 months ago, he was working an event for IDEAvize teaching the importance of having your financial plan in order being a start-up business. I was very impressed with this young man and the knowledge he had and he was only 18 years old. I know that my old way of advertising was not working and I need help and I needed someone that know how things worked in today's social world. I started to follow Jeremy on FB and literally watched him start taking the world by storm. I reached out to him to help me, and we just finished our first video shoot. I could not have found a better person to work with. If you ever tried to talk to a camera it's not that easy and I was very apprehensive about talking to the camera. Jeremy was a pro, he kept me claimed down and know how to ask me the right question to get me to talk about my app in a way that made the videos top notch. I fill very blessed to be able to work with Jeremy and I know without a doubt he has the right plan to market my app and take it to the top. This young guy is the future of marketing.
Patrick Doerflein (Burn and Bet)

I've had the pleasure of working indirectly with Jeremy Miller for award-winning social media startup beBee Affinity Social Network, where we both serve as global brand ambassadors. Jeremy represents the new entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z. He is a role model for young people everywhere due to his budding business acumen, can-do inspirational attitude, boundless perseverance, and his ability to succeed in challenging startup ventures against the odds. I have no doubt that Jeremy's career will continue to blossom.

- David B. GrinBerg (Senior Communications Advisor)


I would highly recommend Jeremy Miller for any social media or marketing project. He has a "can do" attitude and a passion for building people up. Despite his young age, he is very accomplished. He is a hard worker who focuses on improving himself on a daily basis. With an entrepreneurial spirit like Jeremy's, any project can be accomplished.

- Anthony Theaker (Indianapolis)


Jeremy has been instrumental in helping my business have an internet presence. We have seen a huge increase in internet traffic and engagement. He also helped us market office space we had for rent. Before we had his assistance we had very little interest. When he got involved interest spiked and we ultimately rented it. He is knowledgeable, explains things in laymen terms, and genuinely cares about his customers.

- Doug Miller (http://www.dougmillerinsurance.org/)


Jeremy is an extremely professional and organized young man. He exhibits talent and wisdom well beyond his years. He is definitely a Social Media Expert. I have to say; I have not met anyone his age with the desire to learn and succeed that he has.

- Vincent Mansolillo (http://www.flmarketinglists.com)


If you are to keep track of one up and coming marketing superstar over the next few years then choose Jeremy Miller. He's already made a name for himself in a tough to break into the industry. Good luck Jeremy.

- Tom Osman (Founder of Growthappy)

Jeremy is one of the most hardworking and ambitious young entrepreneurs I have ever worked with. Jeremy truly works with diligence, integrity, and honesty. He is a marketing genius.

- Kenton Yohey (http://www.christianphonebook.com/


With the market making the switch to digital there is no one you would rather have on your team. Jeremy is a hardworking and motivated marketer and I have personally seen the enormous results he brings. With Jeremy you are sure to get 10x what you pay for.

- Matt Henry (http://www.internetmarketrise.org/)


Jeremy really has a deep understanding of social media and the overall importance of utilizing it when it comes to businesses and audience interaction. The things he's accomplished so far before even finishing high school gives him the credibility of someone 10 or 15 years older than him. Overall very professional-- I recommend his services.

- Nate Spell (themmagazines.com)


Jeremy is a dedicated person to his craft of shifting an idea into reality in a creative way. The stories that he tells are in correspondence to drive traffic to a particular location on the web. His strengths are in writing, creator outreach, and advertising. He would be an asset in any company looking for creative solutions to their objectives.

- Ryan Kelly (Tardisk.com)


Jeremy Miller's way to connect with people is authentic and it represents his deep understanding of how the crux of growing on social media is by first and foremost, providing value

- Manu Goswami (ManuGoswami.com)

 Jeremy Miller is an extremely committed and inspiring person. I have been working with Jeremy for almost a year now and have noticed his maturity, perspective on life, and work ethic push him to excel in his craft.
Even though he is younger than me, he has helped me grow and improve in my own business. He truly serves people and I can always rely on him to do his best.

- Zak Albertson


Jeremy Miller lives his life intentionally and holds himself with integrity. He is a young professional that has always strived to make himself an expert in his craft and conducts himself very maturely. Hardworking and goal driven. A true servant to everyone.

- Riley Dibble


Jeremy is a young and very professional man. He has great passion for helping businesses grow into the online world. I give a 10/10 rating for Jeremy and his expertise in social media. I recommend him to any business owner or individual who is wondering what social can do for them!

- Tristan Gibson