You Must Do This Before You Start Advertising On Facebook

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You Must Do This Before You Start Facebook Advertising


We don’t want you to waste your time. If we are going to work with you, we want to get started immediately, and we can’t do that if you do not have your goals laid out, your content created, and your targeting figured out.

You can waste a whole lot of money by advertising without a goal in mind. So rather than throwing your money into the air, throw it at something measurable, definitive, and quantifiable. Without any goals in place, lots of money could be wasted, and ROI could be considerably lowered. Facebook offers many advertising objectives to help you reach your business goals. After you decide what you want to achieve with your Facebook ads, you can create ads with that advertising objective. You want to have your objectives clearly defined before you start putting money into Facebook advertising.

In 2017, relevant content is very important. You can have your goals aligned, but if you don’t have relevant content, the bottom line is, your goals won’t be met. If the goal is the top of the mountain, your content is your climbing gear. Without the gear, it is a near impossible climb, but with it, you will surely reach the peak.

When a hunter hunts, he doesn’t walk around the forest shooting in random directions. He picks out a rifle, aims carefully and shoots for the kill. He knows where he needs to aim and what he wants to hit. He takes one shot and hopefully hits his target.

It’s the same thing in digital marketing. If you tell us who your target is, we will be able to deliver your content to the people who will find it most relevant. You must always know your target before advertising online. When all three of these things are in place, you are finally ready to begin your digital marketing journey! Goals, content, and targeting is the foundation to which we build upon. If you bring these three things to us, we will be able to do what we do best.